Effective Myotherapy Ballarat - stretch + exercise tips

Tips for looking after yourself as we become more active:

As we enter the last month of spring and head towards summer, it’s easier to get outside and be more active because the days are warmer and the enthusiasm is high! However this means the risk of injury also goes up. Increased activity doesn’t only come in the form of sport and exercise though; it’s more time spent in the garden, house renovations such as painting and cleaning, or more playtime in the park with the kids.

So here are some tips to help you stay active but healthy…


Take it slowly – don’t try to do everything in one day.

Our enthusiasm can mean we push too hard to quickly and end up sore or injured, then we become despondent and unable to continue our activities.


Make sure to do some gentle stretching after the activity.

This will help relax tight, tired muscles and re-energise the body.


Stay hydrated.

We should always stay hydrated, however as the weather warms up we sweat more and lose some of the valuable salts and minerals required to help keep us hydrated and healthy. So lots of water and a good quality electrolyte supplement can be of great value.


Focus on quality nutrition.

Ensure you eat well and consume lots of leafy greens, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds, and small portions of lean meats. Steer clear of too many fatty, starchy, or sugar-laden foods like take-away and junk food.



Rest is just as important as exercise as it allows the body time to recover, heal, and digest all the yummy healthy food!


Get injuries assessed.

Pain is there to tell you something is wrong, so the earlier it is assessed the sooner and easier it will be resolved. Pain may not mean you have to stop all exercise, it may just require some modification as to how much, how often, and the type of exercise.


Be kind to yourself.

Don’t put too much pressure yourself to do more or do better.