Meet Liv Reid

Reid Energy Therapies

About Liv

Liv is an Intuitive Healer and Rune reader. Focusing on her clients’ unique life journey, Liv firmly believes that a person’s spiritual health is just as important as their physical and mental health. Liv’s experience as a reiki therapist and psychic medium come together to create a relaxing, supportive environment for her clients. Find out more on Liv’s website:

What She Does

Aetheric Body Therapy

Through a technique called Aetheric Body Therapy, Liv channels Universal healing energies to gently shift energetic blocks that cause dis-ease in the physical and auric bodies. This process can aid recovery from emotional burdens, trauma, negative mental/lifestyle patterns, and just as importantly, brings renewed self-confidence and clarity to her clients’ soul journey and life purpose.

Rune readings

Runes originated from the ancient Norse and Germanic cultures and are most recognisable as the written language from the Viking Age although their history is much older and deeply rooted in the ancient Norse faith. When reading, Liv tunes into the energies of the Runes to lovingly communicate messages from the higher-self, spirit guides and loved ones who have passed.

All Services:

  • Aetheric Body Therapy
  • Reiki (Usui and Western methods)
  • Psychic Rune readings