Steven Wescott my practitioner at Effective Myotherapy based in Ballarat, Ararat and Torquay.

I have known Steve for the past 10 or so years. During this time he has been my therapist of choice when it comes to the business of putting me back together. His intimate knowledge of the muscular skeletal system and the body and it tendons, tissues, and muscles together with lymphatic systems is second to none.

Time and time again, on a weekly basis, he has had to rebuild my broken down body which has been susceptible to soft tissue injuries, mainly due to overtraining or incorrect training techniques. From Cupping to dry needling, pressure point techniques learned and taught at Uni over many years, the man is simply a wizard. Straight away after a quick discussion he can pinpoint the source of the injury / pain and comes up with effective strategies together with remedial massage to improve and heal the issues.

Whilst being a teacher at heart, he can also walk the walk and is a committed runner, completing many short and long distance fun runs. He is well versed in stretching techniques and is happy to impart his vast knowledge to all of his clients. I can’t recommend him more highly. From a very satisfied 10 year customer.