Effective Myotherapy - Helping People Help Themselves - photo by Everton Vila

What does it mean to help people help themselves?

  In these somewhat uncertain and confusing times we need to focus on the positives and maybe push the reset button. It’s a good time to look at new and inspiring ways to live and maybe ask ourselves some questions. What to do? What…
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Clinic closure

On the evening of the 31 March we were informed that Massage therapists, Remedial therapists and Myotherapists were no longer allowed to have their clinics open for face to face clients, so as of now both my Ballarat and Ararat clinics are closed. However,…
Effective Myotherapy Latest News

Current status in relation to Covid-19

As a Myotherapist performing a role as a health practitioner, I am currently exempt from the closure regulations and am committed to your ongoing health and wellbeing. At this stage, as of April 5th I will be back in clinic in Ararat and…