Effective Myotherapy - Helping People Help Themselves - photo by Everton Vila


In these somewhat uncertain and confusing times we need to focus on the positives and maybe push the reset button. It’s a good time to look at new and inspiring ways to live and maybe ask ourselves some questions. What to do? What to keep? What to change? What to get rid of? What’s important?

This got me reflecting on what it is I do and I started thinking about my business tag line – what does it really mean to help people help themselves? 


Currently, 85% of my work is assessing and physically treating my clients, as well as giving some corrective strength and stretching exercises. On reflection, I’d like to do more – so I’m developing new ways of giving you the tools to help you maintain your own wellbeing

To this end, I’m embarking on further studies in the form of extensive post-graduate courses. This, combined with my knowledge of the human body, anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics, plus many years’ experience working in a field I’m passionate about, will serve to enhance what I already do as a myotherapist and allow me to better serve clients and give more productive long-term results.

Stress is one of the most prevalent causes of pathophysiological conditions that affect our overall wellbeing – I’ve been exploring countless research articles on this very topic. Stress can be physical, emotional, or mental and – regardless of the initial cause – it is most likely to have some effect on all three of these areas. Stress management is another tool toward living a happier healthier life. Which is why, along with continued studies in this area, I’m going to use my experience in meditation and mindfulness to further add to what I do as a holistic myotherapy practitioner


Photo by Everton Vila